Need room to grow? Please provide input on a new community allotment garden in Perth.

15 Feb 2016

Transition Perth, The Table Community Food Centre, and Sow it Grows are exploring the possibility of establishing a new allotment community garden. An allotment garden would provide individuals, families or groups with their own plot to grow on. To assess community interest in this project we would appreciate if if you could fill out a brief online survey here:

Lanark Lifelong Learning – A tongue-twister, and also a good idea

13 Nov 2014

Now’s your chance to get ideas and help for creating some homemade Christmas gifts – and make a resolution to learn something new in 2015.

Retired teacher Anne Graham has returned to her family home in Lanark village and is giving the community an educational legacy, in the centre of town.

Upskilling: What's the gist?

24 Oct 2014

My definition:  Anything that enhances practical life skills, thereby fostering resilience and personal power.

We have far fewer such skills than we used to, for one thing because of a culture that has come to value specialisation, for another because we rely on fossil-fuel-powered machinery, and on people in other countries, to do a lot for us.  We have all kinds of abstract skills, and can talk a lot, but don't actually know how to DO anything much anymore.  (Just ask anyone older than yourself.)  Nor do we have mentors as close at hand anymore.

How much climate change trouble are we in?

14 Sep 2014

The theme of this summer's meetings of Transition Perth could have been called, "How much trouble are we in?" Several meetings outlined in depth the prognosis for our future, according to a 10-step catalogue of descending disaster written by Doug Barr. Number one could be called, "All's well" and number 10 could have been dubbed, "all's hell . . . or is going to be." (Number 10 included such merriments as long-term loss of power, food shortages, governmental collapse . . . the Mad Max scenario.) Members spoke to which number they imagined we'd descend to in the next 20 years.