Design: Your Life and The Outer Landscape - workshop

Second of two workshops. This one is about designing our lives once we connect with the finiteness of our lives and know our purpose and what brings us alive. Cost: an experiment in gift economy.

Location: Perth, ON (register for details)

Cost: this workshop is being offered as a gift - see below

Welcome to the Living by Design workshops...

I imagine that you are someone who:

Conservation Biologist, Social Critic, Thought Leader Guy McPherson in Perth

Guy McPherson will be speaking about accelerating climate chaos and the probability of near-term human extinction, as a result, and how we might live in the face of this.

Location: McMartin House, 125 Gore St, Perth.

Cost: Free admission.

There will be time for Q & A after the presentation.

To know more about Guy Mc Pherson: http://guymcpherson.com

Climate Change Awareness

There is a need to raise awarenss about how climate change is and will affect our area and the rest of the world. Also a need for local planning to mitigate and adapt to the climate change, something that is lacking at all levels of government. Please join this group if you are interested in helping to meet these goals.
Contact Person: Peggy Land
Email: allisconnectedeh [at] yahoo [dot] ca

Why Should We Care About Energy East?

Ontario residents would be wise to find out how the Energy East Pipeline is going to affect us. If we want any changes made, now is the time to make our suggestions, before the pipeline is approved.

The Ontario Energy Board will be holding public consultations in March and April to assess Ontario's position, and will present their conclusions to the National Energy Board, who ultimately must give their approval for the pipeline to proceed.

Lanark Eco-Village project 7th Generation Initiative

The Lanark Eco-Village project aims to build a domestic ecosystem capable of providing its residents with comfortable dwelling and a perpetual food supply, without an ongoing need for fossil fuels.  The settlement will be dedicated to helping others do the same.
Contact person: Mike Nickerson
Email and phone: sustain5 [at] web [dot] ca  - (613) 482-1208

The Giving Harvest

The Giving Harvest is a Perth based initiative that will be harvesting untended fruit and nut trees on private and public property. The harvests will be distributed to organizations in the area that are working towards food security and more, such as The Table, with a percentage distributed to the harvesters and the property owners. Young fruit trees will be available for sale later in the season as part of expanding the edible fruits available locally. Volunteers most welcome.
Contact person: Donna Silver