The Worm Factory

The people at the Worm Factory work with regional non profit organizations as a green solution to waste management. They provide worm composting kits to local educational programs, and have provided outreach to local waste management programs, conservation authorities, and public schools.


or call 613 273-7595

Glen Tay Reuse Centre

Addressing the need for reducing landfill volume, and inspired by the success of the MacDonalds Corners reuse center, a few energetic Perth ladies spear headed advocating for a reuse site located at the GlenTay landfill. With recent funding from the Perth Community Foundation, EcoPerth, and Valley Heartland, the newly established Reuse Center includes household items, clothing, bicycles, and some building materials for drop off, and available for reuse. The Reuse Center is currently seeking volunteers for sorting items and setting up a new building onsite.

Friends of the Tay Watershed

Friends of the Tay Watershed is a non profit, charitable organization founded in 2001 dedicated to preserving and enhancing the health of the Tay watershed by educating the community and promoting coordination between other watershed management organizations. Some of the numerous works the Friends are involved with include the publication of pamphlets and booklets available at the Friends information booths during many local festival events, playing host to the annual Watershed Discovery Day event, and the granting of a local Watershed Guardian Scholorship.


EcoPerth is a not for profit organization with a strong focus on creating local projects to move the Perth community from "awareness to action on climate change". The many projects EcoPerth has created to date include an annual spring tree sale, a water saver program, rain barrel, solar hot water, and solar P.V programs, schoolyard and front yard naturalization and shading projects, as well as the creation of Lanark Local Flavour.