Stewart Park Festival 2014 Labyrinth photos

30 Jul 2014

Transition Perth volunteers Vanessa Compton, Mike Fletcher, Sharon Teed, and Susanne Wallner created a seven circuit labyrinth for the enjoyment of the Stewart Park Music Festival 2014 community, using simple geometry tools and a spray paint wand. The work crew was visited by local police officer Bird, who cycled over to investigate a report of "seniors vandalising the park with spray paint graffiti" - a highlight of the installation process!

Over 200 festival goers of all ages walked, ran, danced, and wheeled through the labyrinth. Facilitator Vanessa Compton answered many questions about its purpose, design, construction, and future in Stewart Park. Most poignant were questions from children: on being told that many schools now have labyrinths for kids to use when needing a quiet safe place for settling conflicts and dealing with hard things like exams, bullying, or troubles at home, they nodded in agreement - Yes, they could use something like that.

Plans are afoot for next year's festival activities - how about a semi-permanent mowed labyrinth - a soccer ball race - a dance with a drum circle? This year's enthusiastic response promises good things!

Entrance - Stewart Park Festival 2014 Labyrinth - Transition Perth

Sign - Stewart Park Festival 2014 Labyrinth - Transition Perth

Running and soccer - Stewart Park Festival 2014 Labyrinth - Transition Perth

Stewart Park Festival 2014 Labyrinth - Transition Perth



I loved the reaction of all who came to see and walk it. Perth truly deserves to have a permanent one.
It would another great tourist attraction

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