7th Annual Perth Seedy Sunday

Sunday, March 6, 2016 - 10:00am to 3:00pm

Free workshop at 11am - Robbie Preston "How to reduce water usage in your garden, save our wetlands and have a better garden with less work". All workshops are upstairs at the legion and seating is limited!
Free workshop at 12 noon - Kathleen Lang, Horticulturalist, will speak on tips to starting seeds of all kinds. She can answer your questions if you have had problems in the past, or if you are new to seed starting. A great resource! As well, the Horticulture Society and Master Gardeners will be at the event and can help you out!
Free workshop at 1pm - with Bonita Ford (Permaculturalist) Edible Forest Gardens: Gardening Like Nature with Permaculture
Interested in growing more of your own food and doing less work, while taking care of the soil and water, creating natural spaces for the animals and supporting healthier ecosystems? In permaculture (ecological design), we aim to mimic Nature. Our gardens can provide food, medicine, firewood, building materials, habitat, microclimates, privacy and beauty. Learn about "edible forest gardens" with useful trees, shrubs and perennial herbs.
Free workshop at 2pm- Saving seeds with Robert and Carol Mouck. Expert seed savers will give you step by step instruction on how to save seeds of all kinds! We left this one to last because they have so much information to share! Seating is limited.