Being: The Inner Landscape - workshop

Saturday, April 5, 2014 - 9:00am to 6:00pm

Interesting workshop about the finiteness of our lives and how to live according to our purpose and what brings us alive. The cost is an experiment in gift economy!

Location: Perth, ON (register for details)

Cost: this workshop is being offered as a gift - see below

Welcome to the Living by Design workshops...

I imagine that you are someone who:

Is really concerned about the health of the planet and the state of the worldReally cares about the well-being of your loved ones, your community and yourselfWants to live more meaningfully and make the world more beautiful (maybe you know how you want to do this or maybe you're not clear about this yet)

Are you interested in living with passion and meaning? You might appreciate:

Connecting with your life passion and learning to follow itConsidering the finiteness of our lives and choosing the legacy you want to leaveCultivating presence with "what is"Expressing gratitude for what you have todayLooking at the state of the world and honouring what it brings up in youFollowing your feelings to connect with what is meaningful to youSharing support with like-minded peopleClarifying what your best life looks likeNourishing the seed of your intentionsLearning from Nonviolent Communication, nature connection, EFT/tapping, aikido, Reiki, hospice work, and Joanna Macy

This workshop is part of Living By Design. It can be taken on its own, or followed by Design: Your Life and The Outer Landscape.

I am offering these workshops as an intentional gift to you and to our world.

I ask you to receive this gift intentionally. Please notice what it nourishes in you and what value it brings to your life.

If you would enjoy giving a gift out of gratitude or celebration, and/or to contribute to my livelihood and my work in the world, I would be very delighted to receive your gift. Please read more details about my gift in the workshop info document.

Download the workshop info and the registration info documents for more details.

Contact Bonita for more information: 613-267-1926 or info{at}eonpermaculture{dot}ca