FIELDWORK Equinox Event

Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 7:00pm

Hi all, You are invited to a celebration of the 2013 autumn equinox at FIELDWORK on the evening of Sunday September 22nd..  There's an oversized EAR sitting in the middle of the FIELDWORK meadow patiently waiting for drummers, dancers and listeners to animate its presence.  “Keeping an Ear to the Ground” - an interactive art installation by Sheila Macdonald - features an eardrum that is waiting to be played and waiting for other drummers to bring their own drums and play along with it.  We will be creating an irresistible dance beat for all hoopers and dancers. 

Come and be part of an event designed to highlight this special evening where everywhere on the globe there's equal day and equal night:  a moment of celestial balance. Celebrate this year’s harvest and welcome in our next season, a time of slowing down and appreciating the energy of the summer.  Send your messages underground through the eardrum (and your feet) to show gratitude for Mother Earth’s abundance.

There will be a unique fire display, magnificent hooping and dancing to a magnetic beat. Come out and energize our coming fall and winter.   Everyone is welcome.  The drumming and dancing starts at 7pm at FIELDWORK across the road from 2501 Old Brooke Road.  If inclined, bring food to share and to celebrate the harvest (note, no electricity in the field, and bring your own utensils).

Please help pass this along to any who might be interested in coming out and drumming, dancing, hooping, bonfire watching, and getting up to any other pagan antics (within reason:) )!   Link is below for details.  Directions are on the website also.Camping in the field is welcome for responsible, self-sufficient campers (ie. no running water but there is an outhouse).Event is FREE.  Bonfire will happen if conditions permit. Please leave pets at home.Thanks and hope to see you there! Susie