Transition Perth Solstice/June meeting!

Monday, June 23, 2014 - 6:30pm

Greeting friends and fans of Transition!

We're inviting you as always to the upcoming Transition Perth group meeting. Let's call it our Solstice Meeting! It's happening on Monday June 23rd at McMartin House in Perth from 6:30-8:30pm.

The Transition Perth group meetings are happening monthly, and what a great way to spend an evening! The place and time may be the same but lots is changing and morphing from month to month. New project ideas, new faces, new ways to listen to and engage with one another to effectively help Perth transition towards greater community resilience and well being.

Last month we made plans to start up a weekly Summer bike parade. We also delegated tasks for the planning of the upcoming Veggie Garden Tour, and consensus was reached with regard to using some funds to create Transition Perth t-shirts.
It looks like we'll be participating at The Stewart Park Festival this year as well with an info booth, and the Perth Bicycle Collective launched itself to great enthusiasm at The Farmers Market. The Giving Harvest group is also gearing up, and the Gift Circle group is meeting regularly and creating new inspiration, spawning a new group called The Sod Squad!

There will be a new face co-facilitating the next meeting too. The coordinating committee printed a facilitator's guideline that was handed out last month, and voila, a new co-facilitator!
We take great delight in, and encourage, the sharing of roles, and hope that the facilitator's guideline helps people feel supported and at ease when transitioning into that role.

Please join us this month for another warm and welcoming Solstice evening spent together.
In sharing, listening, planning, implementing, and supporting one another, Perth and community becomes the change we want to see :)

In transition together, and with gratitude,

The Transition Perth Coordinating Committee