Veggie Garden Tour & Permaculture Tour 2013

Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 10:00am


Welcome to our 3rd Veggie Garden Tour!  We invite you to visit the gardens on your own, to bike or carpool with friends, or to join a carpool at the community potluck lunch.  A host will be present at most gardens to show folks around and answer questions.  

PLEASE NOTE THE TIMES THE GARDENS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (eg. some are morning only, some are afternoon only, some are all day).  Click here for a printable version of the garden descriptions.

Go to to view a map of the garden locations.  (Click on each blue "balloon" for more details; you can zoom in and out on the map with the + and - signs on the left).

The garden tours are free.  Donations to Transition Perth are welcome.



The Table Community Food Centre, Communi-Tay Gardens - 10am to 12pm

At The Table we bring people together to grow, cook, and advocate for good food.  We have a total of 8500 sq ft. of garden space in which we grow organically and communally. We grow together, learn together and harvest together, sharing the produce among garden members, our Good Food Bank, community meals, community kitchens, and our after school program. Our gardens include raised beds, a 12’x12’ hoop house, a 3-bin compost system, and container plants.

Directions:  We have two gardens...

  1. We have a 500 sq ft. backyard garden located at 190 Gore Street East, Perth.  Walk down the laneway to the back of the building.
  2. We have 8000 sq ft. of garden space in  Last Duel Campground, at the back of the park, near South Street in Perth.
  • If you are driving please park in the Boat Dock parking lot (accessed by Craig St. or Brock St.) or at the end of South Street.  
  • Access from Craig St. and Brock St (Boat Dock area).: Walk or bike along the park road and through the gates to the campground. Then follow the middle gravel road until you see the garden.
  • Access from South St.: At the end of South St. you will see a gravel entry way to the campground. Enter the campground there and the garden will be on your right.


Just Christine's Garden - 10am to 3pm

125 Peter Street, Perth

A few different techniques I am experimenting with... Planting directly into straw bales with and without using topsoil. Breaking open straw bales and planting on top of that with topsoil dressing. And raised beds. The foods I have planted are garlic, onions, tomatoes, squash, beans, beets, chard, kale, potatoes, carrots, asparagus, mustard greens and some herbs.


Perthworks - 1pm to 3pm

58 Cockburn Street, Perth

This small xeriscaped lot backing onto a commonly owned green space is part of the Perthworks new eco-housing community. Features an approximately 60-40% mix of food and flowers, multiple rain barrels at all downspouts which are also used for compost tea, a 3-level food forest, lots of vertical trellising, and an all-season solar cold frame as examples the of permaculture approach.


Sébastien and Bonita's Garden - Permaculture Site

Guided Permaculture Tours: 10am and 1:30pm

Open to Public: 10am to 12pm; 1pm to 3pm

28 Church Street, Perth

Join us for an inspiring and educational visit of the semi-urban garden of two permaculture teachers on 1/5 of an acre of land. Learn about different ways to grow your own food and the "why's" behind the design. This land and garden in "year 3" of a permaculture design features: a young food forest, sheet-mulching, mounded beds, a hugelkultur bed, a portable mini-hoop house, floating row covers, various trellises with simple materials, outdoor compost, worm compost, and a black-walnut plant guild. If you are interested in hearing about the permaculture design for this land, join us for the "guided permaculture tour", which will include a description of the zones, sectors, the plant guilds and the "why" behind the techniques used. Last year these guided tours were full, drawing people from all over Eastern Ontario!


Beckwith Gardens - 1pm to 3pm

85 Beckwith Street

A rather big backyard garden featuring a combination of raised beds and more conventional rows using companion planting. The garden is filled with a wide variety of vegetables and herbs grown naturally with the help of compost and green manures and without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.



Bob and Parmatma's Garden - 10am to 12pm

280 Brooke Valley Road, Brooke Valley

In front we have a small flower and herb garden close to the house. It has oregano, marjaram, thyme, chives, cilantro, basil and dill intermixed with a variety of flowers which are shades of purple, pink and yellow. Coming out of the parking lot, there are paths down to the large vegetable garden. We have an eleven foot fence around our garden which is 25 feet by 75 feet. The first four feet of the fence is still 2 by 2 heavy-gauge wire fencing and the rest is deer fencing which the deer cannot see very well. If the deer cannot see the top of the fence they will not try to jump it. A deer can jump 9 feet from standing. Our land is teaming with deer but we have not had a problem since putting up this fence. We have permaculture areas where the relationship of the layers of soil are not disturbed from year to year which have perennials in it allowed to go to seed. But the larger part of the garden is turned over with a single-furough plough and disc each year (could as easily be done with rotatiller) and sheep manure is put in each year either in the spring or fall. We have garlic started from both seed and clove. It is a clay loam garden which did very well in last year's drought because it held the moisture well. We also have five apple trees and one pear. Four of the apple trees are making apples this year. We put wooden pallets around them to keep the deer out and it works well. We also have another unfenced garden about 40 by 15 feet which has three things in it which the deer mostly avoid unless there is absolutely nothing else to eat: potatoes, onions and garlic. This garden is lush. The soil is more sandy loam, good for potatoes: well-drained so potatoes don't rot in ground.

We had two bee hives last year which both lasted two years (top bar hives) which died this spring. When we first bought them they had mites but by the second year using sustainable natural methods, they hardly had any mites (it was not mites that killed them. They had built up a huge amount of honey and the queens became honey-bound and were not able to lay. This is avoidable by using framed top bar hives, which I plan to do next year.

Directions: About 12 minutes west of Perth on Highway 7 towards Maberly (5 minutes past Wemyss), turn left onto Old Brooke Rd. (there is a green highway sign on right).  Take the first left so that you will then be on Brooke Valley Rd.  Eight-tenths of a kilometer, we are on the right hand side.


Lanark Ecovillage - 10am to 3pm

2799 McDonalds Corners Rd.

In cold climates, it has long been the custom to build homes with a heating system. A home without such a system would be seen as incomplete. As transport fuels become expensive, a home built without a food supply will be considered incomplete.

Toward the goal of a perpetual food supply, three gardeners at present, share 9000 sq. ft. of garden space fenced in for food production. We have also built the infrastructure for full cycle nutrient management, so that the majority of the nutrients that are present in our soil and our food can be cycled, on site, for the long-term future.

Directions: 2.5 km west of the Village of Lanark on the left hand (South) side of the road.  Beware GPS instructions; they often send you a km. too far toward McDonalds Corners and ask you to turn into a swamp.  (Don't do it.)  Look for a big jump in the PINumbers.  They are 200+ in the Village and then jump to 2000+ when you get past the Village limits.  We are not far.


Agapé Gardens - Permaculture Site

Guided Permaculture Tour: 2:30pm

Open to Public: 1pm to 3pm

170 Drummond Concession 2A

An educational food site of beauty and diversity. Our mission is to develop a socially innovative rural hub where people can collectively share in the origins of food, and unite in the care of community and the Earth. This 8 acre property and gardens are in the first Phase of a holistic permaculture design, embracing both small-scale and large -scale solutions (Holzer Agro ecology). This is a unique opportunity to see the beginning of a sustainable system where food will grow in abundance and natural design. Also, visitors will see the inception of a Yurt, Collaborative Garden and Children's Garden. Dasha and Sebastien Armand have many years of experience growing food, building communities and working with children. Certified in Permaculture with Bill Mollisson and Geoff Lawton, in 2013 the couple began their certification in Agro Ecology with the rebel farmer Sepp Holzer. This tour will be a real treat for food and garden enthusiasts alike, their families and children! 613-552-2782

Directions: From Perth take North st, continue over rail tracks, travel 6 minutes until you come to a bend, Drummond Concession is an offshoot of the main road. If you see VW Scotty's on your left, turn around as you just missed the dirt road off shoot. The land is the third lot on the right with a large shedding the front.


Little Stream Bakery Garden - 10am to 3pm

667 Glen Tay Road, Glen Tay

The garden supplies some ingredients to the bakery ( carrots for carrot cake & basil for pesto rolls) but the main purpose is to demonstrate edible landscaping and to show passers by that food is beautiful but big lawns are boring.  Pretty simple lower maintenance veggies in rows: carrots, corn, beans, basil, peas and garlic usually some green manure but too much rain this year. Rich clay loam and hand watered. This year 40 to 50 each peppers and tomatoes to be used in a big batch of salsa cooked at the bakery.

Directions: Glen Tay Road where it meets Christie Lake Road, 6km West of Perth


Hollyhock Grange - 10am to 3pm

577 Kitley Line One, Smiths Falls

We grow a full variety of garden vegetables and herbs in 2 large gardens located near our house and using a simple hoophouse to extend our season.  We use sheep manure and compost to add organic material and fertility to the soil and we plant vegetables in each garden that are suited to their microclimate and soil conditions.  We garden simply and try to keep the work to a minimum.

Directions:  On Googlemaps it is called Line Rd 1; even though it does not locate our address correctly, it is the right road.


McIntyre Creek Farm - 1pm to 3pm

934 6th Concession, Bathurst Ward, Tay Valley Township

We have 3 gardens growing a traditional variety of vegetables using organic style methods of our own well rotted manure and compost. We till between the rows which make for easy weeding and harvesting. We also stagger our seeding so fresh produce is available all summer and late into the fall.

-Go west on highway 7 from Perth to Harper Road, turn right
-Go past Kiwi Gardens and take next left on the 6th Concession
-We are the second place on the left. -Our driveway is 1 km long so just keep going!



Join us for a community potluck lunch in the park. Share some fabulous food, and connect with friends and neighbours. Meet up with others to carpool, or visit the gardens on your own. Meet at The Table community garden at the Last Duel Campground. 

Directions: Last Duel Campground, at the back of the park, near South Street in Perth.

  • If you are driving please park in the Boat Dock parking lot (accessed by Craig St. or Brock St.) or at the end of South Street.  
  • Access from Craig St. and Brock St (Boat Dock area).: Walk or bike along the park road and through the gates to the campground. Then follow the middle gravel road until you see the garden.
  • Access from South St.: At the end of South St. you will see a gravel entry way to the campground. Enter the campground there and the garden will be on your right.


This event is hosted by Transition Perth and the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario.