Lanark Wild Food Club

31 Oct 2014

The Lanark Wild Food Club will be hosting a garlic mustard harvest on Sunday November 16. Learn about wild food while promoting conservation. For location and directions please visit their website at and see the events listings. Happy harvesting and learning about more wild food in our community!

Stewart Park Festival 2014 Labyrinth photos

30 Jul 2014

Transition Perth volunteers Vanessa Compton, Mike Fletcher, Sharon Teed, and Susanne Wallner created a seven circuit labyrinth for the enjoyment of the Stewart Park Music Festival 2014 community, using simple geometry tools and a spray paint wand. The work crew was visited by local police officer Bird, who cycled over to investigate a report of "seniors vandalising the park with spray paint graffiti" - a highlight of the installation process!

Veggie Garden Tour 2014 photos

29 Jul 2014

On Saturday July 26, 2014 we toured over 7 gardens. We enjoyed the diversity of the gardens, from the small ones at Brian's and also at Joe's to the bigger ones like Andrew's and the Table's. The hosts were all helpful and glad to answer questions. The walk between places allowed folks to socialize. And last but not least, we enjoyed another great potluck! Thanks to the Table Community Food Center gardeners for hosting the potluck!

Summary of Perth Climate Change meeting: A Call to Action

7 May 2013
Perth Climate Change meeting: A Call to Action - image 1
Perth Climate Change meeting: A Call to Action - image 2

An attentive crowd of over one hundred including half of Perth's Town Council filled the Perth Legion Hall on April 15 to hear from local politicians and environmental authorities about climate change in our area, specifically on what can and needs to be done. The event was organized by the Perth Canadian Federation of University Women in collaboration with the Friends of the Tay Watershed Association and moderated by Lynn Preston from the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds.