Let's Talk Resilience! Projects

This is a list of projects generated during of after the Let's Talk Resilience! event that took place on September 26, 2013 at the Legion in Perth.

PLEASE NOTE: this list is incomplete. We are still waiting for many active projects to get back to us with their information. To download a list with all the projects generated that evening, click here.

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There is a need to raise awarenss about how climate change is and will affect our area and the rest of the world. Also a need for local planning to mitigate and adapt to the climate change, something that is lacking at all levels of government. Please join this group if you are interested in helping to meet these goals.
Contact Person: Peggy Land
Email: allisconnectedeh [at] yahoo [dot] ca

A gift circle is an open circle where people come to help each other, and share their needs and services. People share their services and help as a gift, without expectation of anything in return. The purpose of a gift circle is to allow people to help each other and to create a sense of community. And to further the gift economy.
Contact person: Sébastien Bacharach
Email: sebastien [at] sebastienbacharach [dot] com

The Lanark Eco-Village project aims to build a domestic ecosystem capable of providing its residents with comfortable dwelling and a perpetual food supply, without an ongoing need for fossil fuels.  The settlement will be dedicated to helping others do the same.
Contact person: Mike Nickerson
Email and phone: sustain5 [at] web [dot] ca  - (613) 482-1208

This projects aims at creating an online newspaper written and updated by the community. The goal is to fill a need in the community for greater coverage of local news and opinion. This is an attempt at citizen journalism for the Perth and District area.
Contact person: Sébastien Bacharach
Email: sebastien [at] sebastienbacharach [dot] com

To inform the public about the issues surrounding peak oil, climate change and our environment with fun and interesting presentations and workshops.
Contact person: Sarah Mackenzie
Email and Phone: sarah [at] hollyhockgrange [dot] ca - 613-284-0578

Perth Bicycle Collective workshop - Piotr showing how to fix a bicycleProvides a place, opportunity to share use of tools and experience for basic bike maintenance tasks including chain cleaning, patching or replacing tubes, tightening brakes and trueing wheels/spokes alignment. Periodic workshops to be held Saturday afternoons starting in May, hopefully just behind The Table Community Food Centre, where tools might also be stored.... finalized details to follow. Looking for a co-leader for this project!
Contact person: Peggy Land
Email: land58peggy [at] gmail [dot] com

Perth Community Labyrinth Project is a group of people interested in healing environments and movement meditation who are working to research, plan, and bring into being a permanent outdoor community labyrinth in the Town of Perth, Lanark Co., ON, Canada.
Contact person: Vanessa Compton
Email: vanessacompton1 [at] gmail [dot] com

Perth Community Labyrinth is growing! Last year's Transition Perth project took the form of a 7 circuit Classical labyrinth, spray-painted in an act of "senior graffiti vandalism" (Officer Bird's tongue-in-cheek description) for the duration of the Stewart Park Festival.

Painted labyrinth, Stewart Park Festival 2014. Photo V.Compton

This year, with the support of the Town of Perth Community Services, we are collaborating with YAK Youth Services Skills Link 2015 cohort to install and maintain a mown turf labyrinth for the community's use all summer! It will be located in the park across the bridge in the area by the trees where the Festival Workshops are held.
The design will be installed with flagging tape on the afternoon of Wednesday April 29th, from 2 till 6.
A flagging tape labyrinth. Photo Lars Howlett
Then, the new labyrinth will be inaugurated Saturday May 2nd between 12 and 2:30 as we celebrate our participation in the 7th Annual World Labyrinth Day.
This international event, sponsored by The Labyrinth Society, is designed to unite people all over the world as they walk a labyrinth in a meditation for peace and healing, everyone walking at 1 PM local time.
A mown turf labyrinth. Photo Tony Christie
Once mowing season gets underway, the YAK team has agreed to keep the labyrinth trimmed right through the summer. Turf labyrinths can last for years, if they are kept maintained. Hopefully the labyrinth will prove to be such a benefit to the Town that the next step, installing a permanent flagstone version in time for Perth's 200th anniversary, will be an easy decision.
A stone and turf labyrinth. Photo University of Kent
Please come out and support the YAK team - help out on Wednesday April 29th when we prepare the site and install the pattern. Come celebrate together on World Labyrinth Day. Visit during Stewart Park Festival. Walk the labyrinth at your leisure anytime during the summer. Questions? Contact Vanessa 613-205-1179.

The Giving Harvest is a Perth based initiative that will be harvesting untended fruit and nut trees on private and public property. The harvests will be distributed to organizations in the area that are working towards food security and more, such as The Table, with a percentage distributed to the harvesters and the property owners. Young fruit trees will be available for sale later in the season as part of expanding the edible fruits available locally. Volunteers most welcome.
Contact person: Donna Silver
Email: donnasilver [at] mac [dot] com

We are going to establish and identify with a decal locations where people can refill their water bottles for free with clean municipal water.  Locations can be businesses, town buildings, museums, parks etc.
Contact person:  Nancy Gaudreau
Email:  ndgaud [at] gmail [dot] com