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CCCR is committed to crafting solutions and adaptations to the critical challenges stemming from climate change and peak oil. Our priority is working with communities to increase their resilience, especially their capacity to equitably meet their needs for food, energy, finance, and shelter. Employing a wide range of organizing, planning and enterprise ownership formats, CCCR emphasizes strengthening the self-reliance of local and regional economies as a key task of transition.

CFUW is an organization that wants to change the world and is emerging as a leader amongst women's groups in Canada and Internationally. We have the ability to reach government representatives of all parties which is a feature that few women's organizations possess. We respond to many opportunities for advocacy. Equality; Poverty and Food Security; Housing and Homelessness; Violence against Women; Rights of the Child, Child care and early learning; Advocating for a better world for women and girls and Environmental issues such as Anti Idling, The Power of Local Food; Treasuring the Tay; Youth and Opiate Addiction.

Centre for Sustainable Watersheds (CSW) is committed to offering fresh ways to meet the challenges of engaging and helping shoreline owners across the country enhance and protect the health of their lakes and rivers.

There is a need to raise awarenss about how climate change is and will affect our area and the rest of the world. Also a need for local planning to mitigate and adapt to the climate change, something that is lacking at all levels of government. Please join this group if you are interested in helping to meet these goals.
Contact Person: Peggy Land
Email: allisconnectedeh [at] yahoo [dot] ca

EcoPerth is a not for profit organization with a strong focus on creating local projects to move the Perth community from "awareness to action on climate change". The many projects EcoPerth has created to date include an annual spring tree sale, a water saver program, rain barrel, solar hot water, and solar P.V programs, schoolyard and front yard naturalization and shading projects, as well as the creation of Lanark Local Flavour. EcoPerth also organizes on behalf of local farmers, practical skill related workshops on many interesting topics such as seed saving, root cellar building, small flock laying hens, and the like.

or Bob and Cheryl 613 268-2907

Friends of the Tay Watershed is a non profit, charitable organization founded in 2001 dedicated to preserving and enhancing the health of the Tay watershed by educating the community and promoting coordination between other watershed management organizations. Some of the numerous works the Friends are involved with include the publication of pamphlets and booklets available at the Friends information booths during many local festival events, playing host to the annual Watershed Discovery Day event, and the granting of a local Watershed Guardian Scholorship. The Friends also host a Paddle the Tay Day during warm weather

A gift circle is an open circle where people come to help each other, and share their needs and services. People share their services and help as a gift, without expectation of anything in return. The purpose of a gift circle is to allow people to help each other and to create a sense of community. And to further the gift economy.
Contact person: Sébastien Bacharach
Email: sebastien [at] sebastienbacharach [dot] com

Addressing the need for reducing landfill volume, and inspired by the success of the MacDonalds Corners reuse center, a few energetic Perth ladies spear headed advocating for a reuse site located at the GlenTay landfill. With recent funding from the Perth Community Foundation, EcoPerth, and Valley Heartland, the newly established Reuse Center includes household items, clothing, bicycles, and some building materials for drop off, and available for reuse. The Reuse Center is currently seeking volunteers for sorting items and setting up a new building onsite.
Contact: glentayreuse [at] gmail [dot] com

The Lanark Eco-Village project aims to build a domestic ecosystem capable of providing its residents with comfortable dwelling and a perpetual food supply, without an ongoing need for fossil fuels.  The settlement will be dedicated to helping others do the same.
Contact person: Mike Nickerson
Email and phone: sustain5 [at] web [dot] ca  - (613) 482-1208

Lanark Local Flavour works to link local farmers to local eaters, expand capacity and access to sustainably produced food, inform the public about food issues, and to celebrate the people who grow our food.
This site will help you find growers and buyers of local food, including Farmers' Markets, Farm Gate sales, CSAs, as well as restaurants, bakeries, and retailers who make the effort to source local food. So browse and enjoy!

This projects aims at creating an online newspaper written and updated by the community. The goal is to fill a need in the community for greater coverage of local news and opinion. This is an attempt at citizen journalism for the Perth and District area.
Contact person: Sébastien Bacharach
Email: sebastien [at] sebastienbacharach [dot] com

To inform the public about the issues surrounding peak oil, climate change and our environment with fun and interesting presentations and workshops.
Contact person: Sarah Mackenzie
Email and Phone: sarah [at] hollyhockgrange [dot] ca - 613-284-0578

The Perth and District Chamber od Commerce "Cycling Committee" has created maps of cycling routes ranging from 10-93km for beginner to advanced cyclists. While promoting health and fitness, and cycling as a wonderful means of transportation, these routes also showcase the many lakes and rivers, rolling farmlands, wetlands, and forests that are found in abundance in the area.

Perth Bicycle Collective workshop - Piotr showing how to fix a bicycleProvides a place, opportunity to share use of tools and experience for basic bike maintenance tasks including chain cleaning, patching or replacing tubes, tightening brakes and trueing wheels/spokes alignment. Periodic workshops to be held Saturday afternoons starting in May, hopefully just behind The Table Community Food Centre, where tools might also be stored.... finalized details to follow. Looking for a co-leader for this project!
Contact person: Peggy Land
Email: land58peggy [at] gmail [dot] com

Perth Community Labyrinth Project is a group of people interested in healing environments and movement meditation who are working to research, plan, and bring into being a permanent outdoor community labyrinth in the Town of Perth, Lanark Co., ON, Canada.
Contact person: Vanessa Compton
Email: vanessacompton1 [at] gmail [dot] com

Perth Community Labyrinth is growing! Last year's Transition Perth project took the form of a 7 circuit Classical labyrinth, spray-painted in an act of "senior graffiti vandalism" (Officer Bird's tongue-in-cheek description) for the duration of the Stewart Park Festival.

Painted labyrinth, Stewart Park Festival 2014. Photo V.Compton

This year, with the support of the Town of Perth Community Services, we are collaborating with YAK Youth Services Skills Link 2015 cohort to install and maintain a mown turf labyrinth for the community's use all summer! It will be located in the park across the bridge in the area by the trees where the Festival Workshops are held.
The design will be installed with flagging tape on the afternoon of Wednesday April 29th, from 2 till 6.
A flagging tape labyrinth. Photo Lars Howlett
Then, the new labyrinth will be inaugurated Saturday May 2nd between 12 and 2:30 as we celebrate our participation in the 7th Annual World Labyrinth Day.
This international event, sponsored by The Labyrinth Society, is designed to unite people all over the world as they walk a labyrinth in a meditation for peace and healing, everyone walking at 1 PM local time.
A mown turf labyrinth. Photo Tony Christie
Once mowing season gets underway, the YAK team has agreed to keep the labyrinth trimmed right through the summer. Turf labyrinths can last for years, if they are kept maintained. Hopefully the labyrinth will prove to be such a benefit to the Town that the next step, installing a permanent flagstone version in time for Perth's 200th anniversary, will be an easy decision.
A stone and turf labyrinth. Photo University of Kent
Please come out and support the YAK team - help out on Wednesday April 29th when we prepare the site and install the pattern. Come celebrate together on World Labyrinth Day. Visit during Stewart Park Festival. Walk the labyrinth at your leisure anytime during the summer. Questions? Contact Vanessa 613-205-1179.

The Perth Farmers Market was created in June 1992 in light of a joyful resurgence of community spirit, and an interest in naturally grown local food production. Located at the Crystal Palace alongside the scenic Tay Basin, local growers as well as crafts vendors offer their products every Saturday from 8a.m to 1p.m from Mothers Day weekend to Thanksgiving weekend. Special events such as cooking demo's, cooking contests, music, and more often take place as well. In July and August a smaller market runs Wednesday's from 2-6pm in the same location. The Perth Farmers Market also hosts a seed swap and sale every spring.

About the Book

Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth.
Today, these trends have reached their extreme - but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.

 You can read the book online and/or download it at

Shareable is the online magazine that tells the story of sharing. We cover the people and projects bringing a shareable world to life. And share how-tos so you can make sharing real in your life. 

In a shareable world, things like car sharing, clothing swaps, childcare coops, potlucks, and cohousing make life more fun, green, and affordable. When we share, not only is a better life possible, but so is a better world.   

The remarkable successes of sharing projects like Zipcar, Wikipedia, Freecycle, Kiva, and Creative Commons show this. They tell a hopeful story about human nature and our future, one we don't hear enough in the mainstream media. 

They show what’s possible when we share. They show that we don't act merely for our own good, but go out of our way to contribute to the common good. They show that we can solve the crises we face, and thrive as never before. They show that a new world is emerging where the more you share the more respect you get, and where life works because everyone helps each other.

We tell this story because a shareable world might be just what's needed to enjoy life to the fullest today while creating a better tomorrow. And it's being built by people from all walks of life right now. Shareable is an invitation to join these everyday innovators.

Shareable sections:

The Sustainability Project / 7th Generation Initiative is an educational, non-profit organization that exists to collect, study, develop and teach ideas, information, technologies and customs that promote green values and lead toward a sustainable future.

Their website offers a free mini-course with material on cultural evolution, particularly as it applies to the shift toward a sustainable future. It consists of 11 short article or videos, delivered one a week.

Sustainable Eastern Ontario is a network organization that fosters partnerships and collaborations on sustainability activities throughout Eastern Ontario by

  • Supporting sustainable capacity-building for organizations, businesses, institutions, and educational partners
  • Enhancing administration, communications, and fundraising within the non-profit sector
  • Promoting collaboration and community-building within the environmental sector
  • Sponsoring and supporting projects in partnership with members on environmental themes and sustainability including capacity-building, environmental education, green economy and energy, eco-tourism, and other initiatives

The Giving Harvest is a Perth based initiative that will be harvesting untended fruit and nut trees on private and public property. The harvests will be distributed to organizations in the area that are working towards food security and more, such as The Table, with a percentage distributed to the harvesters and the property owners. Young fruit trees will be available for sale later in the season as part of expanding the edible fruits available locally. Volunteers most welcome.
Contact person: Donna Silver
Email: donnasilver [at] mac [dot] com

The Table Community Food Center is a non-profit, community run agency serving Perth residents as a local food bank, a community kitchen, and an education center. The programs offered include an advocacy service office,a barter board service, dads and kids cooking, and healthy food for babies classes, and an after school program. The Table runs a community garden in the summer months, providing hands on gardening education, as well as fresh produce for use in the community kitchen and the food bank.

Phone: 613 267 6428

The people at the Worm Factory work with regional non profit organizations as a green solution to waste management. They provide worm composting kits to local educational programs, and have provided outreach to local waste management programs, conservation authorities, and public schools.

or call 613 273-7595

A Town of Perth waste management program. The website provides information on GreenBins and composting, Blue and Yellow Box recycling, pick up schedules, waste and landfill site locations and hours of operation.

We are going to establish and identify with a decal locations where people can refill their water bottles for free with clean municipal water.  Locations can be businesses, town buildings, museums, parks etc.
Contact person:  Nancy Gaudreau
Email:  ndgaud [at] gmail [dot] com

YES! Magazine reframes the biggest problems of our time in terms of their solutions. Online and in print, we outline a path forward with in-depth analysis, tools for citizen engagement, and stories about real people working for a better world.

Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

2010 yes magazine coversToday’s world is not the one we want—climate change, financial collapse, poverty, and war leave many feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

YES! Magazine empowers people with the vision and tools to create a healthy planet and vibrant communities. We do this by:

  •  Reframing issues and outlining a path forward;
  • Giving a voice to the people who are making change;
  • Offering resources to use and pass along

YES! Magazine is printed on 100% post-consumer waste, chlorine-free paper. We reach more than 150,000 readers quarterly. More than 140,000 people visit our website each month, where we post new stories every day.

The Yes! Magazine Sections: